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50.000€ para investigar en enfermedades raras

Para aqulleos investigadores que quieran iniciar una investigación en el campo de las enfermedades raras, la Fundación alemana Care-for-Rare, ofrece 50.000€. Este es el anuncio:

The Care-for-Rare Foundation at the Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich launches the

Care-for-Rare Science Award 2016

endowed with 50.000,00 Euro. The Care-for-Rare Science Award, sponsored by the Werner Reichenberger Foundation, should give young scientists the chance to initiate a basic or clinical research project in the field of rare diseases. A disease is called rare if not more than 5 out of 10.000 human beings are affected.

The science award shall promote creative scientific ideas, contribute to a better understanding of the biological mechanisms leading to rare diseases and to the development of new diagnostic and/or therapeutic strategies. Criteria for the selection of the award winner are scientific excellence, interdisciplinarity and project relevance for clinical-translational research involving the affected patients. The focus is on rare diseases which manifest during childhood.

The Care-for-Rare Foundation supports interdisciplinary and international scientific projects with the goal to elucidate the causes of rare diseases and to develop new innovative therapies for affected children.
The application is open for single persons or groups of scientists with at least one member being affiliated with a research institution located in Germany. Junior researchers are explicitly encouraged to apply.

The complete application documents have to be submitted electronically by June 30, 2016.

More details are available at

The award ceremony will take place in Munich in November 2016.

Please contact Dr. Henrike Klinker for further information (


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